Thursday, September 10, 2020

WIP Shots!

Realized I forgot to throw in the few work in progress shots that I actually took for the Mos Eisley project.

So here they are.

The ball of aluminum foil visible in the first pic was used to texture the walls. Wish I would have done that on the buildings I had already built. Super fast and easy and i think the result is great.

A Tiny Little Hive of Scum And Villainy!

The pandemic has certainly given me time to hobby. And when I wasn't curled up in a fetal ball of anxiety about everything, I actually got some modeling done.

I bought a Proxxon as an indulgence and boy oh boy do I like it. The city walls were a breeze to cut to size and I never would have been able to get the angled bits without it. The walls are mounted on popsicle sticks (I wish I would have done plastic card, but oh well). I put magnets on one end of each section. The other ends got small nails. The bond isn't as strong as if I used magnets on both but the prospect of matching the poles on so many sections was too daunting.

All the minis were painted during the pandemic. They're a mix of Brigade, Ion Age, Khurasan, and *maybe* GZG. It's been long enough I can't remember anymore.

I also treated myself to a gaming mat. Couldn't bring myself to make my own and it wouldn't have looked this good.

My buddy and I have run a game way back in February using the Galactic Heroes rules. Really enjoyed the mechanics. Can't wait to run a game with all my nerds, each with their own gang. Each gang with their own objectives, agendas, and interconnections.

Anyway, here's another image dump.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Image Dump!

Most of these haven't been fully based, but I wanted to do something hobby related and decided this sounded easier than getting in front of the painting table. Not particularly pleased with the my pic setup but wtf.

So in no particular order, here are most of the 15s I've done since the shelter in place.

There's minis from Khurasan, Brigade Models, Ground Zero Games, and Ion Age,

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

It's Only Been 4 and a Half Years

Hello to anybody who still follows the blog!

Sometime before Christmas, my 15mm buddy and I decided to jump into some WW2, with the intent of trying some Chain Reaction. But then The Mandalorian came out on Disney+ and we were consumed by Star Wars again. I love the new Star Wars minis but could not in good conscience get into that game, So, we dipped back into the 15mm Sci Fi milieu.

While waiting for my minis to arrive, I started working on some terrain. I wanted to go big.

I was going for a Jabba's palace feel. Water jug, plastic plates, yogurt containers, and styrofoam balls. It's huge for 15mm and this pleases me.

And here it is with the other buildings I've finished along the way. Mostly electrical boxes with doodads applied. Most of the buildings just needed a paint job. They'd been sitting in my basement for 5 years or so.

I'll be posting some minis soon.

Thanks for looking!