Sunday, November 4, 2012

New board and some scatter

Wow. I haven't posted since August 27th. And I haven't really done that much since then either. No minis painted at all. Only a few games thrown in. But I did finish up a river board and some scatter terrain.

Not too many WIP pics. Here's what I have:

The very beginning of the river board. I used a hot wire cutter for the river. Once it was cut out, I cut it in half horizontally, then gauge an even deeper section in the very middle for the river bed. (Disregard the Happy Napper in the background.)

Here you can see that I had the board painted before I decided that I needed to add some more levels. I had just come from my gaming on my buddy's new boards and they were way too cool not to emulate.

And here it is all textured, painted, and flocked. I think I'll eventually add some more detail to the vegetation. But it will do for now.

Next up is the scatter terrain. I wanted some smaller rock terrain. I wanted to be able to use them as stand alone pieces or have them fit together to form a rough wall. Enter the hole saw.

I used a 2" hole saw for this. Just cut one base out, then let the saw overlap the preceding hole for the remaining  bases. 
A little bit of tree bark mulch, some putty, sand, and they're ready to go.

I really like these little bases. No matter how you set them up, they fit snugly together. And it was a nice way to ease back into the hobby after my two month break.

I still have my Kra'Vak army to finish up. Just another two squads and the many mechs. If I buckled down I could have them done before December. But I've got my eye on some more Blue Moon Manufacturing minis. Deep Dark Africa this time. The missionaries look delicious.