Sunday, February 22, 2015

CD Terrain

These have been sitting around for a while now, just awaiting some flock to be called done. CD base, bark mulch for rocks, spackle, and sand.

Fina and Gretchen approve!

I had wanted to spend the afternoon getting a start on painting my new Cthulhu warband for Of Gods and Mortals but those girls decided to build a fort in my painting spot. Ah, well. They played together all day with only one minor fight. That's a triumph right there and well worth a minor delay in my hobbying. Plus, I got to finish some terrain (something I struggle with at times).

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Departure!

A friend's wife, Tory, asked me to paint a mini for her role playing game. The miniature is Lini, a 28mm gnome druid from Pathfinder. Tory showed me some artwork she liked with Lini casting a spell bringing forth vines from the ground. So here's my interpretation. The rock and vines are greenstuff. The leaves are from some aquarium plants I had lying around.