Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Slow going in the hobby department lately. But I did manage to try my hand at some new hills after finding this How To over on Cool Mini or Not.

I really like the general shape and more organic nature of them, but I'm not a huge fan of my paint job. I like them much better than the traditional wargaming hills, though, so I'll definitely make 3 or 4 more.

These will see use in my upcoming Weird West games. My gaming buddy placed his Blue Moon order...cowboys, indians, vampires, and some Twanax to use as Sasquatch.

Here's a shot of what he gave me out of his order:

WIP hills in the background.

I took some cowboys for my Monster Hunter gang, some vamps, and a few Indians. I am now eagerly awaiting my order from Splintered Light minis. I'm getting some necromancers, ghouls (for my wendigos!), werewolves, and dire wolves.

We'll be using the Fear and Faith rules from Ganesha Games and I am really excited. I love the simplicity of it. Of course, I haven't played a game yet, but they seem perfect for the kind of game we're looking for.

I just primed 10 cowboys and hope to get some paint on them tonight if my daughter will go to sleep at a reasonable time. I'm also hoping to update the blog a little more regularly as I paint these guys. Keeps my excitement up.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Here's the paint scheme for my Kra'Vak.

I kind of stole the paint scheme from the AT-43 Karmans that I'm using for the mechs. Of course I'm repainting the Karmans anyway so stealing the paint scheme isn't going to save me anytime, but what the hell. I like the scheme and I think now that I have this squad done the rest should go fairly quickly.

I'm really going to have to cruise through these though. My buddy and I have been talking about a Deadlandsish game. (Laughing Ferret's Empire of the Dead posts have been a big inspiration.) So I've really been looking and lusting after the Blue Moon 15mm stuff, the horror and cowboy lines in particular. And I've always had a soft spot for British Colonial history (and minis, of course). Well, today I dropped off a printed copy of The Song of Blades and Heroes for him and we sat talking about a nice small skirmish game featuring cowboys, vampires, indians, werewolves, and more. About an hour after I left him he texted to say that he'd placed an order. Damn. I better get going.