Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rocky Outcroppings! (And a forest)

Back in April I made some shanties mounted on CDs. I decided to recycle the CDs once more for some rocky outcroppings. Just some rocks from the backyard, putty, sand, and a bunch of flock.

I painted these to match the hills I made last month. The rocks came out a little more red than the originals. I keep telling myself I'll write down the recipes for painting (terrain and minis) and I never do. Stupid. Oh well.

Next up, a simple base to use for a small forest.

Now featuring Trees!

Now I just need to get to work on the boards themselves. I have two 2'x2' boards ready to get some work done on. MDF screwed to 1x2 boards. I have the pink foam insulation in my trunk. Had the guy at Home Depot cut the 4x8 sheet down to 2x2s for me (never would have gotten them home any other way). Didn't even cost extra. I also want to get some of those Whitewash City paper buildings printed and put together. Won't be long before we can trot the whole setup out for our less miniature-oriented nerd friends and have a beer and pretzel night.

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