Thursday, May 24, 2012


Over Christmas I took my girls to the local zoo. We made our compulsory visit to the gift shop to buy the cheapest toy they have (miniature animals as it turns out [horrid rubbery things, useless for gaming]) and lo and behold, they had a tube of miniature trees on sale, 80% off. I bought one tube, not sure about scale. Took it home, tried it out, liked what I saw, drove back and cleaned them out.

These are made under the Toobs label. I've found their stuff at Michael's and Hobby Lobby too, but never for such a good deal. I ended up with 44 trees for about $12. Some sport autumn colors. I have those to my girls. I may take them back at some point if I feel like painting them. Thee others came in shades of green with brown trunks. They would have been fine to base out of the box but I had just finished my Space Nazis and thought, "I should dip these, they'd look so much better!" They do look a little better, but the extra work probably wasn't worth it, IMO. They're based on fender washers, puttied, sand-ed, and flocked. Blah blah blah preamble.

To make this product "educational," they include this prehistoric tree.

Now that I've taken nice photos of them, I can see that I need to get a little more matte varnish on them. We'll see. That probably isn't going to happen. They're serviceable as is. Maybe that should have been the title of this blog, "Serviceable As Is."


  1. WOW! Very interesting product!

  2. I like the look of these much more than the isual railway model type. Nice find!

  3. They do have a slightly more cartoony look that matches well with the minis I think.