Monday, December 16, 2013

A Game 6 Years in the Making

This past Saturday my 6 year old daughter, Gretchen, asked to play a game. She'd asked a few times over the past few months and despite my fear that I would get everything set up and she'd have changed her mind I decided to give it a go.

I gave Gretchen 7 "girl" minis, all from GZG's Spaceship Crew and Ravagers sets. The Not-Inara mini was the prisoner of an evil witch doctor whose 9 zombie guards were patrolling the small town (I used some Whitewash City paper models along with some of my sci-fi shanties and the comm bunker made a good "dungeon").

The rules were inspired by Ganesha Games Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics but considerably simplified. All the minis had a single Skill that could be used for everything. Need to shoot a zombie? Roll and d6 and add your skill. Need to pick a lock? Roll a d6 and add your skill. I gave Gretchen's ladies a skill of 4. The zombies would shuffle along with a 2. We used long match sticks for movement, the ladies could run on there turns using two match sticks but the zombies could not.

I spread the zombies around on the main road through town and Gretchen set up her ladies in a corner where she quickly established all the relationships in her group. There were sisters, cousins, a mom and daughter, and I'm pretty sure a few of them didn't like each other.

After she killed the first two zombies she realized how much tougher her girls were than the zombies and she just knew she had the game in the bag. But then she got within range of the witch doctor who promptly turned one of the ladies into a zombie. Gretchen was gobsmacked. She didn't want to attack the new zombie because that was so and so's sister. But she didn't want orange girl to get eaten either. She solved her problem by concentrating fire on the witch doctor, who dodged many a bullet (much to Gretchen's dismay) but fell in the end. The girl was unzombified, the princess was rescued, and there was much rejoicing.

This was so much fun. I loved how quickly she just made up personalities and backstories for her minis. What would take me a half hour and a whole set of tables to come up with she effortlessly produced within a minute. And the math! This is a great way for her to practice her math! I threw in some plus and minus modifiers on the fly and she worked right through them.

She has now decided that we are doing this every Saturday. That sounds pretty good to me.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Armor and Some Repeats!

The past few weeks I've been slowly but surely working through the APCs and AGS. I've had these models for what seems like forever and I finally got the motivation to work on them. I decided to try weathering with pastels. I think I might have tried it before (some of the sticks of chalk show evidence that I have) but I can't remember what models or if I was just trying it out. It went on a little thicker than I would have hoped for. Part of that is that I had to do two coats... the first layer was much too dark. But overall I'm pleased enough with these to take the pics and call them done.

In that last pic I threw in the flat-bed. It will eventually carry a MRL but I had a little trouble with the primer. I don't know whether the humidity was too high or I didn't shake the can well enough but the paint really bubbled. And then, being a resin newb, I tossed it into some nail polish remover. Mistake. The resin does not like acetone. Ah well. Lesson learned. And now that I look at the missile launcher pod again I don't think it's all that bad. I'll prime it this week and get it painted.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I've Done Something!

I haven't posted since April 9th but that doesn't mean I haven't been hobbying. Sadly, it does mean that I haven't been hobbying much.

My last post showed off some Oddzial Osmy New Vistula Legion with a few Mechwarrior mech repaints. I've since based the mechs and painted a few other figs as well.

Group shot!
The little tanketts are Autonomous Mortars (nicknamed "Auntie May" by the troops). They'll bombard any bad guys they "see" and for those they can't see the LRRP are always ready to paint a target for good ol' Auntie May.

The rocket pods will be interesting. I want them to be parachuted onto the battlefield and then function much them same way the AMs do. I figure scatter dice will have to come into play. I think I have three of these painted (it might be four).

That's it for decent pics. I did get a DSLR for my birthday but good grief, the thing is complicated. I'm going to have a to really pour over some tutorials to get the hang of it and that eats a chunk out of the hobby time.

I have been slowly but surely working on some electrical box buildings. A few more doors and rooftop greebles and I'll be ready to to prime and paint them.

They'll go with these city tiles I've had sitting around for way too long:

Why are there only 7 you ask? I was just too lazy to do the 8th.
 These were inspired by Spacejacker's great tiles and I still have a ways to go before I'm happy with them. My buddy Chris has another full set (of 8... he's slightly less lazy than me) so we will someday have a huge city table for 15mm.

That's it for now. If you've read all the way down here I think you are a very special sort of nerd. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Vistula Legion

Well, it's been a while since my last post but I have been plugging away at the hobby. I bought about $20 dollars worth of Oddzial Osmy's New Vistula Legion minis a few months ago. I got a few packs of infantry, a pack of SAWs, a pack of NCOs, and the lovely pack of LRRP (this pack was the army's major selling point for me, I just love the scuplts).

Once again I have a crappy camera to take the pics, the decent camera having been almost destroyed somehow (grrrrrr).

The pics of the rest of the infantry were too bad to post. I've got a total of 30 troops right now. I think another $20 worth of figs would do me fine.

I also ordered some Mechwarrior figs because, well, they are incredibly cheap.

They painted up pretty well. The hard rubber, or whatever it is made of, is obviously not the best material but at about $3 a pop I can forgive a lot.

I got two Heavy Artillery vehicles which I'll be using as autonomous mortar drones and last, but not least, 5 Long Range Missile Batteries. I haven't painted the LRM or the mini-mortar tanks yet because they really have suffered from the crappy hard rubber. The barrels/missiles all need to be straightened to some extant. But, again, for the price I really am willing to put a little extra work in.

I bought the LRM batteries based on idea from a post over on Dropship Horizon. Mark talks about how he never really like mortars in a sci fi game but then goes on to think through how you could make them work. He mentions mortars being deployed by drop tubes. That got me thinking, and that got me looking, and that got me buying.

Right now I'm waiting for my Combat Wombat order. Just a few hover APCs and a hover missile battery. I think this is going to be a fun little army.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chris's Minis

My buddy Chris has been telling me that I need to post so I thought I'd use his pics to do it.

Here's his stash of terrain bits from Micropanzer:

He got a bunch of doors and windows and I am jealous.

Here's a little terrain piece he whipped up last week.

I dig it.

And here's his take on t he Brog Empire minis from Rebel Minis:

I love these minis and I'm so glad he bought them. He's a big fan of Steve Rude's Nexus comic and I think these would fit in that universe splendidly (as would most of PF's sculpts). Chris said that he was able to reposition arms easily and that after a run in with a sleeping cat he could bend the guys back into position without breaking them.

My next post will show off my progress on Odzial Ozmy's New Vistula Legion. I just have to find the time to take some pics.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rescue Job

Before I get going on the new battle report, I just have to take a second and say, "Wow, the blog has 51 followers!" A sincere thank you to every one who hit the follow button. The geek love is much appreciated!

And now on with the show...

We left our heroes in a tight spot last time. Tasked with blowing up an interplanetary comms bunker on an agriworld, they were lucky to escape with their lives. At least most of them were lucky to escape. After yelling at the driver to go pick up the crew, Barnabas got left behind. He led the fascists on a good chase but in the end those grav drones penned him in a cave and he was captured.

But Barnabas had faith in his friends. Oh sure, he was kinda mean, and frequently rude but they'd come back for him, wouldn't they?

I used the Fear and Faith rules again with a few tweaks and house rules.

Special Rules:

  • Night. Vision limited to 1 Long.
  • The bad guy mooks have the Guardsman special rule from Ganesha's Flashing Steel game (Thanks, Spacejacker, for the recommendation!). It's a minus to their points cost and it means they are Out of Action if they are beaten in combat by 1. (a rule I think I forgot about most of the time...oops)
  • Sniper rifle with Vampire scope. The sniper can see 2 Long with the scope in the darkness. Doesn't suffer the usual -2 Combat at 2x range. (This was really powerful and I don't think I'll use it again, or maybe just charge a lot more for it)
  • Where's the Truck! The truck bringing Barnabas arrives on a 4+ on the fascists' turn.
  • Hold an action. Another rule from Flashing Steel. Spend two actions to hold for an interrupt.

I think that's about it.

So. The forces. Cal was once again joined by Gabbie, Boxerbot, and Rx28. Their driver, Dryer, wasn't good in a fight so he was prepping their small shuttle for the jump to space.

The bad guys came in two squads. Five Soldat in the truck transporting Barnabas and five, including a lieutenant, in the bunker. But, unbeknownst to our intrepid heroes, another enemy just happened to be in the neighborhood. When Detlief Konig heard that Barnabas Cooper was captured he knew Cal Middleton couldn't be too far away. Konig couldn't wait to get Middleton in his cross-hairs.

The layout. The truck would be arriving from the NE to take Barnabas to the bunker toward the center of the table.
Workers are already getting ready to start their day in the little shanty town.
Our heroes begin in the northwest corner.
Detlief Konig and his trusty spotter scan the area.
The game begins.
While Boxerbot and Gabbie move toward the road, Cal hustles through the woods to the shanties and tries to blend in. Maybe he should have brought a jumpsuit?
The truck arrives.
B-Bot and Gabs take up positions by the road, ready for the truck.
Konig cannot believe his luck. Cal walked right into his sights! Good thing I decided to use those hold your action rules. Cal spots him just in time.

He takes cover behind a building.
The bullet meant for him kills an innocent worker. Damn you, fascist scum!
The rifle shot brings a soldat out of the bunker to investigate.
Boxerbot dashes from cover to dispatch him.
Cal heads through the trees to try to flank the sniper.
Having lost sight of Cal, Konig takes his frustration out on B-Bot, knocking the robot to the ground.
The workers run for their lives.
Cal closes in on Konig.
The leutnant and a soldat burst from the bunker, guns trained on B-Bot.
Knowing he's an easy target, he rushes into hand to hand.
As a big red fist caves in his face, the fascist leutnant has just enough time to think he should have stayed in the bunker before he breathes his last.
The bloody death of their leader is too much for the boys in the bunker. They fly out the door and run. Even Konig and his spotter find discretion to be the better part of valor and seek a bigger rock to hide behind.
Cal is getting closer to the action.
Boxerbot charges the truck and rips the door clean off. One very brave, or very stupid, soldat emerges from the truck to face the now blood-dripping robot.
He doesn't last long.
Cal makes it to the bunker and plants some explosives. It's not the comms bunker, but what are ya gonna do?
Trusty Rx28 is slowly but surely moving along.
Konig has regained his composure and tries to sneak up on Cal. The frightened worker screams and Cal runs for it.
Around the corner, another soldat has found his courage. Cal fires a shot and knocks him down.
Gabbie sprays the cab of the truck with her SMG and knocks the driver clean out the far door.
Konig manages to knock B-Bot down again. But not for long.
More soldat courage as they pile out of the truck. Between Gabbie, Cal, and  B-Bot they don't stand a chance. Cal and friends jump in the truck and speed away.
Konig takes one last shot at Cal as they drive past, but it's too late.
Cal and company are on their way to the shuttle and with any luck they'll be off this two but agriworld by daybreak.
I had a lot of fun. Maybe next time I'll get to use my Cicada.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Bunker Job

A couple nights ago both of my girls went to bed at a reasonable time (a minor miracle) so I decided to try a little solo game. I grabbed my Fear and Faith rules and went back to my sci fi team from my very first post. They're a 296 pt force that you can look at here.

From left: Gabbi Steele, Rx28, Boxerbot 9000, Cal Middleton, and Barnabas Cook. (The fuzz on the lens that provides the lovely smudge over Gabbi and Rx went unnoticed until I uploaded the pics to my computer for editing. Better get used to it now.)

Cal Middleton and his smuggler crew picked up a job to destroy a comms bunker on a remote agriplanet. The corporate forces that control the planet are a nasty bunch but Cal and his ship really needed the money.

The bunker was patrolled by the standard laser-armed drones. I used three of these GZG grav drones.

Here's their list. The drones have a fairly low Quality, making activating them a chore. I chose to make their moves random and that strip on top made things really easy. Upon activization the drones move forward in the direction of the stripe. When their move is done, I check to see if any of Cal's crew is within sight (long range). If not, I roll 2d6 (couldn't find a d12) and turn the drone accordingly, ready for its next round. Easy peasy.

The good guys needed to creep through the night to the bunker and plant some explosives. It would take two actions to plant the bomb. The drones would call for some Space Nazi backup if the crew was spotted, but Cal wasn't concerned. This would be an easy job.

Special rules:

  • Dark. Sight limited to long range.
  • Backup. Once the drones call for backup they roll a d6 at the start of every round. First round backup shows up on a roll of 6. Second round, 5 on a d6 and so on.
  • Medic. Two successful Quality rolls will heal an ally.
  • Radio silence. The good guys can't use a radio without giving away their position. If they want the truck to move they have to get close enough to yell.

The setup. Cal's stolen transport truck arrives from the NW.

The crew unloads, confident in their firepower and skills.

Cal heads south along the ridge followed by Boxerbot. Gabbi heads for the trees knowing her stealth will keep her safe. Barnabas heads around the hill to the north, hoping to get a good field of fire. Rx28 botched his activization and turned play over to the drones.

Gabbi eyes a drone.

The drones make their moves.
Crusher moves east to the ridge line. Rx28 heads south to stay close. Cal, Gabbi, and Boxerbot 9000 get in position to storm the bunker.

Safe behind some rocks, Cal is ready to make his move.

The drones move again. That random movement was playing havoc with my plans. Just when that southern drone was within my reach he turned right around and flew the other way. Gabbi and Boxerbot get a little risky and head toward the open.

Cal impulsively rushes across the arroyo and blasts a drone with his pistol hoping to take it out quickly. He manages to knock it down but not destroy it.

Drone's turn. For the life of me I can't figure out what that drone is doing in the lower right. He wasn't there. But the one just beyond the bunker was. He moved in and blasted away at Boxerbot with his laser.

That laser packed a punch. Boxerbot destroyed.

Rx28 knows he can help. He just has to get there.

Cal takes care of the downed drone.

Gabbi is about to take some vengeance for Boxerbot.

Oh crap.

No, really. Oh crap.

Aw, man.

Cal makes it to cover as the Nazis advance.

Cal shoots at a drone, knocks it down, and declares retreat. Gabbi is made of sterner stuff opens fire.

Gabbi is a badass. One drone destroyed. One drone knocked down.

Things look grim as the Gabs is knocked down by burst from a Nazi  goon.

Finally. Maybe you've been wondering what Barnabas was doing way up north. The answer would be BOTCHING ALL HIS ROLLS! He finally makes his way back to the truck and yells at the driver to get down to the riverbed.

The truck is on the move.

Just in time. The good guys mount up and take off.

But, oh no! Barnabas is left behind. Let's hope he evades capture or I might have to play a rescue mission.
This is only the second solo game of Fear and Faith I have played and I have to say, I need to to this more often! It was really tense and at the end I really thought they were all going to kick the bucket.

It was great to play on that board too. I sunk a lot of work into it and this was the first time I've used it.