Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not My Minis!

Here's a few gangs my buddy has put together for our Weird West game using the Fear and Faith rules. First up are his British expat vamps.

Minis from Blue Moon's Horror range.
Those are Whitewash City buildings in the background. They're made for 25mm, he reduced them to 65%, and he says they're still too small. The horror range is definitely "heroic" 15mm, but that's okay, because they look good.

Next, his Redcoat gang of creepy Nosferatu.

Blue Moon again.
I dig 'em. And I can't wait to kill 'em.

I really like those Bobbies and it brings up an aspect of our world that I'm excited to get into. Our Old West is a less settled place. The United States came out of the Civil War a weaker nation, a nation unable to defend much of the western frontier. This has not gone unnoticed by England and the other European powers.

Why go this route? Why, for greater purchasing opportunities! I love the colonial period and there's some great minis out there. There's something really appealing to me about a group of Askari led by a German officer roaming the Arizona territory. Or maybe some British Camel Corps adrift in the Great American desert.

I love 15mm.

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