Monday, August 6, 2012

Weird West!

Well, I've got the Blue Grass channel playing on Pandora and a backpack full of western DVDs. It's Weird West time.

All these figs are from Blue Moon and by and large I like them quite a bit. A few of the faces were a little unfortunate but that's okay: a cowboy's life is hard.

I've got two gangs to present here. First up is The McMannus Regulators led by Mr. Chester McMannus himself.

Evil shall tremble before the might of his manly mustache!
From left to right  "Eagle Eye" Johnson, Huey Colbarn, "Colonel" Chester McMannus, Mal Povey,  Handsome Harry, Jed McKinnon

They may be toting some serious firepower but to a man they'll tell you their greatest weapons are hidden away. You see they aren't after your regular scoff laws. No sir. They have more dangerous prey in their sights. That's why they carry wooden stakes and silver bullets. Things have gotten weird out on the plains.

My second gang proves the point.  Viktor von Viktenstein and his Villainous Vassals!

Those cowboys sure are small, ain't they?

Viktor, his bride Vanessa, and their...children.

That there is Richard Henderson III in the center. Richard IV on the left.  Eugene, the red-headed step child with a lot to prove, is on the right. The Hendersons are the public face of Viktor's growing empire in the West.

My buddy and I are using the Fear and Faith rules. I'm hoping to get in a game or two against myself tomorrow night now that I have two gangs painted up. I'm anxious to see how the rules play. Or maybe I'll just start painting my werewolf gang (figures by Splintered Light), or the evil Indian band, led by a necromancer and backed up by two Wendigos. Whatever I choose I know I'll have a good time. This is turning out to be a really fun little project.


  1. Wonderful job on these warbands. Im a big western fan due to my dad and now Im eyeing up those blue moon figures...

  2. Ahh Richard Henderson III, old dead eye himself, I have the vamps in my stash as well, I bought mine with Blue moons WWI figs and was thinking a Weird war I setting, great paint work on these guys.

  3. funny stuff. funny guy. vampire cowboys!!!!

  4. Thanks, guys! I played a solo game tonight and the vamps got trounced. Fun, fast playing rules.