Saturday, August 11, 2012

Matchitehew's Malice!

Here's another gang for my Weird West project. Led by an evil medicine man, Matchitehew. I haven't really worked on the background for this gang but I might say that Matchitehew is a Seminole who draws on both Native American and African magic. I just couldn't resist this masked necromancer mini from Splintered Light and had to use him for this gang. Love that mask. Here he is with a mighty Sasquatch:

Matchitehew, from Splintered Light. Sasquatch is a Twanax from Blue Moon.

I really enjoyed painting both of these but the Squatch was a blast.

For more scary goodness I decided to add some wendigos to the gang. These are ghouls from Splintered Light's undead range.

I quite like how the skin came out on the fat one especially. After a matte spray I went back and used some gloss varnish on the bloody parts. These guys should wreak some havoc with opponents. Hard to kill and cause fear. Yippee.

To flesh out the rest of the gang I have some bow and rifle toting minions.

Warriors from Blue Moon.

And the whole gang together:

Almost the whole gang. No squatch. Oops.
One more gang to go (WEREWOLVES!) before I get to work on more terrain. I have some rocky outcroppings on CDs to paint and my buddy picked up some western buildings from White Wash City that I'm excited to get printed and assembled. I also bought some 2'x2' MDF to make some boards. Gotta start planning. Those werewolves are going to be super easy to paint.

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