Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Image Dump!

Been staying up too late cutting and gluing.

And here's the first of my 2x2 boards. Since I took these pics I've flocked with some dead grass.

1x2, hardboard, pink foam

Too much glue, too much sand, and a road made from Liquid Nails.

A simple layout with my rocky outcroppings, shanties, and my comm bunker.
Later I'll take some pics of the table set up with all the Whitewash City buildings and some of the Weird West minis.

Here's what my buddy, Chris is working on.

Some British cultists. I love that woman up front. She's from the Jack the Ripper pack from Blue Moon. She's supposed to be scared but Chris thought she looked like she could be casting a spell and, voila!, a new gang is born. I'm really digging that scary worm monster behind her. It's a D&D mini and the perfect size for a scary monster in a skirmish game.

I found some of my old Cthulhu minis, but I think they're too big unless they're being used as the center piece of a scenario.

I think it's an old RAFM mini?
I think I might start painting some ghouls. I want to be ready for when my necromancer raises the dead.

As an afterthought, I just realized that some of my GZG not-Firefly figs could be used to make another gang. Perfect!

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  1. This project really lit a fire under you.. Wonderful stuff!