Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Own Private Hell Hole!

Well, I said I'd take some pictures and, goldarnit, I did.

Just a quick layout. Spent more time resizing the pics than I did setting up and taking them. I'm quite pleased with how the board, buildings, and terrain features have turned out.

Not sure what kind of board to do next, though.


Here's something that cracks me up every time I upload more pictures for the blog. I'm just using Google+ to host my pictures. Every time I upload I get this:

What odd friends you have, e-p!


  1. That looks great! Smart idea for old west gaming.. That road would work fine as a wilderness location as well as with the buildings. Very nice.

    1. Thanks! My buddy and I were just talking about how versatile our terrain really is. He's been thinking about doing a small Game of Thrones inspired game and we won't have to make all new stuff to do it.