Sunday, June 3, 2012

More GZG

I am so close to getting all my Ground Zero Games minis painted right now I can taste it.

Here's what I've gotten done in the past few days.

More Not Firefly minis

GZG Free Trader Crew Pack B
Not Kaylee, Not Inara, Not Wash, and Not Book

Not River and Simon Tam from Pack B

Some droids:

Workbots Pack 1

And some robots:

Humanoid Bots

I only have one bot, 5 wheeled drones, and the SURVEYOR II tracked ATV explorer vehicle left to go from my order. The joy this gives me is tempered with the knowledge I now have to choose my next purchase. I'm thinking about something rather alien, as all my current minis are human. So GZG's Crusties are on the table as are the Kra'Vak.  Micropanzer's Riavaui look pretty nice too. But I keep coming back to Zombiesmith's Quar. I first saw them years ago when I was playing 28mm. I loved them but couldn't bring myself to pony up that much money. Now that I'm doing 15mm they are super-tempting. Crusader: Light Infantry Company is packed with 58 minis for the ridiculously low price of $20. That's incredible! Couple with 3 or 5 Trencher Tank Mk2 from Proxie Models, that's a respectable army for around $50!

I'm just talking myself into it, even though they don't really fit in with the universe that is percolating in my mind. Maybe if I convince my buddy to pick up some Aphids...