Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Post

I'll backtrack and talk about getting into the 15mm sci fi world later. For my first post I want to talk about my most recent game. My buddy Chris and I took a day off from work this week and got out our newest painted minis. Chris used some figs from Khurasan's Spaceship Crew and the Sci Fi Hero and Spirited Sidekick. (Truth be told I am extremely jealous of these minis.)

I used some figs from Ground Zero Games. A Bot, a Robot, and three figs from their Firefly range Free Trader Crew. (I threw the pack of robots in at the last minute on a whim. So glad I did. My "BoxerBot9000" kicked some major butt and looked cool doing it.)

We had already played a few larger games with our "armies" using the Gruntz rules and wanted to try something small scale. My sister, bless her heart, bought me Blasters and Bulkheads for Christmas and I had been reading it and liking what I saw. But on game day we decided to stick with Gruntz and try to pull it back from squads to characters.

Here's what we did. We settled on 100 points and made each mini a specialist. This gave each character hit points, access to two perks, and a nice selection of weapons to choose from. In retrospect we realized we should have made our leaders up as commanders, it would have added another dynamic.

We used the Seize the Courier scenario from Blasters and Bulkheads. Each team is trying to nab a courier as he makes his way across the table to his small spacecraft.

1 point for taking the courier, 1 point for getting his attache case. The game was a real nail biter. My guys grabbed the courier early on but took a beating in the process. Chris's guys would not let up and I finally had to drop the courier and make a run for it with the attache case. 1 point each and we both took two casualties.

It was a fun experiment and super easy to do with the Gruntz Excel army builder.

And finally, the obligatory apology for the crappy cell phone pics.


  1. Hey e-p! Liking what you are doing so far! Welcome to the blog. I should have some more bits and pieces to go on post fairly soon. I would like to see your buildings painted up! Best wishes.

  2. Great painting, I must order some if these before I leave the UK.

  3. Thanks,guys. I was a little leery about the GZG minis simply because you can't get a good loom at them on the website. I am happy to say that they are beautiful minis. A tad static maybe but the sculpts are superb. The faces especially.

    1. Love the figs, love the site, but no 'followers' widget? Sure there's other ways to subscribe, just saying.

      So far so good though, keep cranking through it.

    2. And done. Thanks for the love.