Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Space Nazis!

I haven't come up with a back story for these guys yet, because, well--they're space Nazis. That kind of sums them up, doesn't it. Eureka's Sci Fi Germans. Decent sculpts. Wish they're were some mortars only because my buddy's Khurasan Federals have them ans they kick my butt.

The paint scheme is super simple. In retrospect, too simple. But that's okay. What I really wanted to do with my first 15mm sci fi army was complete it. Which made me a little overzealous. I wish I would have painted some of the armor plates a different color. I wish I wouldn't have dipped them. But you know what? They're done and they look great on the table.

Enough preamble.

This army is designed for speed so all four squads and the commander arrive in Grav transports (or if google translate is to be believed "Antischwerkraft Träger" which sounds pretty cool). These started life as Plastic Soldier Company's SdKfz 251 Ausf D Halftrack. What a great deal! 5 models for around $30. It really has spoiled me when I go to look at other 15mm vehicle offerings. Anyway, WIP:

Just a little plastic tube for the anti-grav pontoons, some plasticard to cover the open top, and a lasgun from the GW Chimera kit along with other bits of course.

Again, not thrilled with the paint job, but good enough.

The scariest model in the army flanked by his little walker brethren:

A pic for scale:

Last but not least, the whole shebang:

After playing wargames off and on for about twenty years, this is my first "finished" army. This is why I love 15mm so much. The army cost me around $70. Even if I never played a game with them I've already gotten $70 worth of entertainment out of them. But I've already played a few games with them. It's almost like I'm making money at this point. At least that's what I tell my wife.


  1. Awesome stuff.

    Don't beat yourself up about rushing them though, as you say, at least now you have a fully painted force to play with, and you can always spend longer on the next one.

    Love the transport conversions. I have a bunch of PSC kits for FOW, but I think I might have to steal this idea.


  2. I think they have a nice pulpy/retro look and it's such a simple conversion to do. And the price is right.

    I might actually use this as thw basis for a Weird War army.

    Good luck with yours!

  3. These are great, Space Nazi's are a must have for any Sci fi collection, I will do my own one day, I really like your APC conversions, love it.

  4. I do like the troop carriers!

  5. Dammit, this was my idea! Afrika Korps in Space, with grav plastic 251s... I guess you're a faster painter than me! Well done, nicely painted.