Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Slow Progress

Well, my daughter has been making things hard in the hobby department. By the time she finally gets her four year old head to sleep, I've been too tired to get much of anything done. Between that and watching the first two seasons of Luther on Netflix it's been slim pickings in the miniatures department.

So tonight I decided to forget about painting and just get a bunch of GZG stuff based.

From left, humanoid robots, Not-Firefly crew B, colonial crew/tech, grav drones, and recon bots. Not pictured are both packs of the Not-Reavers that I got mounted on craft sticks ready to prime. I'm using pennies for the most part. The recon bots are on quarters instead of fender washers. The quarters are a decent size and, well, they're only 25 cents a piece.

Not much exciting done but I broke the cycle of inactivity, which was my main goal tonight. Hope you aren't suffering from hobby block.


  1. I made a fairly pathetic attempt tonight, but Im too tired. Moving house is so exhausting!

  2. C'mon, man. Get your priorities in order. ;)

  3. I feel your pain. I have a nearly 5 year old, a three year old and a one year old, and work constant nightshift...

    Sometimes it's just easier to clean up a bunch of models than actually paint them.

    Oh yeah, and Fallout: New Vegas on Hardcore mode. That takes up a lot of time too.

  4. I see you are using green stuff to base your models. You can pick up Liquitex at Hobby Lobby or such stores. It's $20 bucks for a tub but that will last you years. You don't need glue, just stick the mini on the money with the liquitex, build it up to cover the mini's base and you are done. You can even press some sand into it before it drys and you are textured. There may even be a textured version, though my store didn't have it.

    Just a thought.

    1. I'll have to try that, AHunt. Green Stuff is expensive and kind of fiddly. Thanks.