Friday, May 4, 2012

Comm Bunker and New Minis

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I haven't gotten a lot done since my last post but I did get a three Ground Zero Games Free Trader Crew minis painted. I really love these sculpts. The faces in particular are outstanding.

The building in the background is my other hobby achievement in the past few weeks, a comm bunker.

I rocked it old school with this one. The bunker is made from an Axe pomade container. I felt a little bit of a douche buying an Axe product but just look at it. A perfect gaming shape. The radar dish is the protective seal from a stick of deodorant. And lastly, that large aerial is my favorite: the stick from a prescription opiate sucker. I've had those sitting in my bitz drawer for six years. The window is cereal box card and the little aerials are brass rod.

I'm not really sold on the white dish, but the whole project took way too long as it is so it'll probably just stay white.

Feels good to get some stuff done, that's for sure.


  1. Love Bunker and great "Firefly" crew and the way you painted them!

  2. A sad addendum to this post. I was in the bathroom this morning and noticed that my empty pomade container was missing from the cabinet. My wife had thrown it out. It takes forever to get through one of those containers. :(

  3. "I felt a little bit of a douche buying an Axe product but just look at it." It was hardly going to make it better explaining WHY you were buying it to the register assistant either huh? Been there, (not) done that! ;-)

    Brilliant stuff. I love a creative idea springing from what the rest of the world would label "trash". Well done.