Friday, May 25, 2012


Tonight it's all robots, all the time.

First up, GZG Grav Mini Drones.

I made them into three squads. These will be used as specialists in Gruntz games and as nifty surveillance bots in small story based games.

Next up, GZG wheeled recon/surveillance drone:

He's a cute little thing. I have two more of these guys and another three wheeled drones armed with missile launchers. He's mounted on a quarter, the fender washers were just too big for him.

And finally, the Droidinatrixes:

They're also GZG, from the Humanoid Bot pack. I slapped these together tonight. The paint job is, of course, ridiculous. They'll be close combat queens selling their services as sexy, robotic bodyguards.


  1. Nice job, especially I like the drones and will order some for my non-squat troops as scout droids.

  2. Nice work. The drones are especially cool.