Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holy Crap! I Actually Played a Game!

Yes sirree, I played a game this weekend with my Kra'Vak, renamed the Laju Kadal (which means fast lizard in Indonesian according to google translate). I was so excited to see my little guys on the field that tactics went right out the window, which, if I'm honest, they usually do. I am not the wisest general the table has ever seen but it was a fun game none the less.

We used the old Gruntz rules, even though we have the new rules. What we lack is the new Gruntz unit builder and I'm just too lazy to make a list up by hand anymore.

Here's some pics.

The military compound is in the upper left.  Shanty town in the center.

Some workers going about their business unaware that an attack is on the way.

More milling about.

The attack commences.

The defending commander has things well under control from behind a bunker.

These cannons packed a nasty punch.

Some power armor headed to their doom.

That tank beyond the trucks was the bane of my existence.

This walker didn't treat me well either.

Not a real AAR, just some pics. In short, I had my forces spread too thin and he just mopped the floor with me. I dealt some damage, wiping out a couple squads of gruntz, but in the end he mopped the floor with me. But the table looked good and the minis were freshly painted. A great Sunday afternoon!


  1. Nice layout. Really like those matts, keep thinking about picking one up.

    1. They're pretty and they're a nice soft play surface that's kind to your minis, too.

  2. Interesting and entertaining Batrep; and the display of scenic details, especially The Pine Cone Trees, are a nice touch to a non-earth environment.

  3. Replies
    1. Yep, we had some fun. We just need to get together more often (the usual lament).

  4. what a great AAR, with great minis, and terrain. Following the blog now.

  5. Looks good, some nice terrain and cool mini's. Shame I can't see your opponent forces better though. Seems like you had a tough battle. I still have to try out Gruntz. As I'm still on a try out campaign with Tomorrow's war.