Wednesday, June 20, 2012

They're Here!

Just six days after making my orders, both sets of minis arrived today! Huzzah!

GZG Kra'Vak in the foreground, AT-43 Karmans in the background. Of course, now that I have 53 minis to work on, we're babysitting until late, maybe 11:00, which is prime hobby time for this dad. The only hobby time, really.

All was not lost, however. I popped the heads off the Karmans (the ones without nifty little domes), giant gorilla heads just don't seem to fit with the Kra'Vak. I found that a Bic pen is the exact diameter for the hole left by the missing head. I couldn't just cut those things willy-nilly which meant I had an excuse to break out my brand new mini miter box! It was quick work to get four new head pieces cut. All that while the girls were eating their cotton candy ice cream cones. Not bad.

Maybe I'll get the Kra'Vak cleaned up tonight. I kind of doubt it.

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