Friday, June 22, 2012

Mighty Metal Monkeys

I know, I know. Gorillas aren't monkeys, but Astounding Android Apes just doesn't have the same feel.

I got started on the AT-43 Karmans last night. And I think I might actually be done. Here's what I did.

Popped the heads off the Karmans.

Cemented the pieces of disposable pen to some thin plastic card.

Rummaged through my bitz to find something to use for the "face." Look familiar?

Yep. The back half of a Cadian's helmet. Just used the mold line as a cutting guide.

Glued the face on.

Glue the head piece in. Ignore the laundry in the background.

Pretty pleased with how they came out. Especially since I didn't really have a plan when I sat down.

Tonight I'll work on cleaning any mold lines from the Kra'Vak and maybe even get them on pennies.

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