Sunday, January 25, 2015

Greek Villa!

Since I'm waiting on my Khurasan order to arrive (he said he should start shipping his back log next week) I decided to make a terrain centerpiece for my Greeks. A little googling later I decided on a fairly simple Greek house.

Foamcore base structure.

Doors, shutters, and roof added. 15mm GZG mini for scale.

Quite proud I remembered to add extra strength with these bamboo skewers. 

Primed house. Sand and plasticard pavers added.

Mostly finished. I've since done a black wash on the tile roof that I am not entirely happy with.

Yesterday I bought a canvas drop cloth and some caulk. I'm going to try my hand at a battle mat to match the arid basingI've used for my Greeks.

Still haven't played a game of Of Gods and Mortals yet but it feels good to get back to the hobby.


  1. Yes, it look very nice. I quite like the effect you managed with the tile roofing. Nice work on the corners there as well.

  2. That's really, really nice...excellent job!