Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rescue Job

Before I get going on the new battle report, I just have to take a second and say, "Wow, the blog has 51 followers!" A sincere thank you to every one who hit the follow button. The geek love is much appreciated!

And now on with the show...

We left our heroes in a tight spot last time. Tasked with blowing up an interplanetary comms bunker on an agriworld, they were lucky to escape with their lives. At least most of them were lucky to escape. After yelling at the driver to go pick up the crew, Barnabas got left behind. He led the fascists on a good chase but in the end those grav drones penned him in a cave and he was captured.

But Barnabas had faith in his friends. Oh sure, he was kinda mean, and frequently rude but they'd come back for him, wouldn't they?

I used the Fear and Faith rules again with a few tweaks and house rules.

Special Rules:

  • Night. Vision limited to 1 Long.
  • The bad guy mooks have the Guardsman special rule from Ganesha's Flashing Steel game (Thanks, Spacejacker, for the recommendation!). It's a minus to their points cost and it means they are Out of Action if they are beaten in combat by 1. (a rule I think I forgot about most of the time...oops)
  • Sniper rifle with Vampire scope. The sniper can see 2 Long with the scope in the darkness. Doesn't suffer the usual -2 Combat at 2x range. (This was really powerful and I don't think I'll use it again, or maybe just charge a lot more for it)
  • Where's the Truck! The truck bringing Barnabas arrives on a 4+ on the fascists' turn.
  • Hold an action. Another rule from Flashing Steel. Spend two actions to hold for an interrupt.

I think that's about it.

So. The forces. Cal was once again joined by Gabbie, Boxerbot, and Rx28. Their driver, Dryer, wasn't good in a fight so he was prepping their small shuttle for the jump to space.

The bad guys came in two squads. Five Soldat in the truck transporting Barnabas and five, including a lieutenant, in the bunker. But, unbeknownst to our intrepid heroes, another enemy just happened to be in the neighborhood. When Detlief Konig heard that Barnabas Cooper was captured he knew Cal Middleton couldn't be too far away. Konig couldn't wait to get Middleton in his cross-hairs.

The layout. The truck would be arriving from the NE to take Barnabas to the bunker toward the center of the table.
Workers are already getting ready to start their day in the little shanty town.
Our heroes begin in the northwest corner.
Detlief Konig and his trusty spotter scan the area.
The game begins.
While Boxerbot and Gabbie move toward the road, Cal hustles through the woods to the shanties and tries to blend in. Maybe he should have brought a jumpsuit?
The truck arrives.
B-Bot and Gabs take up positions by the road, ready for the truck.
Konig cannot believe his luck. Cal walked right into his sights! Good thing I decided to use those hold your action rules. Cal spots him just in time.

He takes cover behind a building.
The bullet meant for him kills an innocent worker. Damn you, fascist scum!
The rifle shot brings a soldat out of the bunker to investigate.
Boxerbot dashes from cover to dispatch him.
Cal heads through the trees to try to flank the sniper.
Having lost sight of Cal, Konig takes his frustration out on B-Bot, knocking the robot to the ground.
The workers run for their lives.
Cal closes in on Konig.
The leutnant and a soldat burst from the bunker, guns trained on B-Bot.
Knowing he's an easy target, he rushes into hand to hand.
As a big red fist caves in his face, the fascist leutnant has just enough time to think he should have stayed in the bunker before he breathes his last.
The bloody death of their leader is too much for the boys in the bunker. They fly out the door and run. Even Konig and his spotter find discretion to be the better part of valor and seek a bigger rock to hide behind.
Cal is getting closer to the action.
Boxerbot charges the truck and rips the door clean off. One very brave, or very stupid, soldat emerges from the truck to face the now blood-dripping robot.
He doesn't last long.
Cal makes it to the bunker and plants some explosives. It's not the comms bunker, but what are ya gonna do?
Trusty Rx28 is slowly but surely moving along.
Konig has regained his composure and tries to sneak up on Cal. The frightened worker screams and Cal runs for it.
Around the corner, another soldat has found his courage. Cal fires a shot and knocks him down.
Gabbie sprays the cab of the truck with her SMG and knocks the driver clean out the far door.
Konig manages to knock B-Bot down again. But not for long.
More soldat courage as they pile out of the truck. Between Gabbie, Cal, and  B-Bot they don't stand a chance. Cal and friends jump in the truck and speed away.
Konig takes one last shot at Cal as they drive past, but it's too late.
Cal and company are on their way to the shuttle and with any luck they'll be off this two but agriworld by daybreak.
I had a lot of fun. Maybe next time I'll get to use my Cicada.

Thanks for looking!


  1. The cat woke me up earlier than usual this Am. I turned on the PC and enjoyed another Fumbling's Scifi Serial...and it was great.

    "Nice work" to the writer, director, producer, and actors!

  2. Looks great... really wonderful pictures and the aar was really cool.

    1. Thanks, Mr. Harold. I'd love to see some after action pics on your city board.

  3. Great AAR, excellent table and figures. Thank you for posting about it.

  4. Nicely done. Your game photos are taken from a very cinematic angle, and it really helps the AAR.

    Fear and Faith seems to be working well for you. Does it actually handle light vehicles, or are you just winging it with them? I like M&DRG but it's just a bit too limited for non-Post Apoc games. And Flying Lead is on the opposite end of the spectrum - it covers way too much to play a simple game. Other than the special rules you listed, are you basically playing Fear & Faith as written?

    1. Thanks, Chris. No, Fear and Faith doesn't handle light vehicles at all. I'm winging it there. And I agree about M&DRG... it's just too post apoc for what I want to do with this game (which I see as Firefly-ish, with some eventual Hellboy inspired occult action). But basically, yeah, I'm mostly using F+F as is. For these kind of games it's fast and easy.

      I think I would enjoy Blasters and Bulkheads but the lack of an easy unit builder really is putting me off.

    2. Doesn't sound like it would do what I'd need it to do then.

      You might want to look at In The Emperor's Name, if F&F eventually doesn't pan out. It's my go-to for skirmish games. Once you strip away its 40K shell, it has a great figure builder and handles light vehicles. The psychic powers and special abilities might handle your occult ideas.

  5. As a new follower, I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed these two batreps! I'm not familiar with the Fear and Faith rules, but I am always on the lookout for interesting solo skirmish rules, so I will have to check them out. Now back to trawling through your blog!

    1. Fear and Faith isn't solo by design but it's so simple that it's easy to run a game against yourself, especially these sorts of narrative games where your really rooting for the good guys.

      And I'm glad you liked them! They really were a blast to set up and play,