Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Armor and Some Repeats!

The past few weeks I've been slowly but surely working through the APCs and AGS. I've had these models for what seems like forever and I finally got the motivation to work on them. I decided to try weathering with pastels. I think I might have tried it before (some of the sticks of chalk show evidence that I have) but I can't remember what models or if I was just trying it out. It went on a little thicker than I would have hoped for. Part of that is that I had to do two coats... the first layer was much too dark. But overall I'm pleased enough with these to take the pics and call them done.

In that last pic I threw in the flat-bed. It will eventually carry a MRL but I had a little trouble with the primer. I don't know whether the humidity was too high or I didn't shake the can well enough but the paint really bubbled. And then, being a resin newb, I tossed it into some nail polish remover. Mistake. The resin does not like acetone. Ah well. Lesson learned. And now that I look at the missile launcher pod again I don't think it's all that bad. I'll prime it this week and get it painted.

Thanks for looking!